Coaching Blog 15: Friends Reunited and Audi TTs




I hate Friends Reunited. Because of them (and my vanity) I may have only 4 weeks to lose at least a stone-and-a-half, buy an Audi TT and marry someone younger and possibly more attractive than my current husband.


What to do, what to do ?

Shall I take a long hard look at my:

  • messy (but mortgage free) home
  • dirty, driveable (but loan free) car
  • beautiful, healthy, smart (though often rude, surly, argumentative and sometimes selfish) daughters
  • (annoying, unwilling to agree with everything I say nor hang on my every word) husband

and count my blessings ? 

Shall I pull out some honest curiosity and take a long hard look at how the lives of others have turned out, without wanting to measure my life against theirs ?

Reunions are hard, they force you to look at the ‘You’, you thought you would be by now ……… and what if you’re not there yet ? (And even worse, what if the girl you hated at school is you plus so much more ?)

Luckily, I’m a coach, so I know how to count my blessings and move on. (Plus, if I actually owned an Audi TT Roadster I would love it so much I’d probably have to sleep in it, and that’s just silly.) 





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