Coaching Blog 18: Values and Principles, who needs them ?



Listening to some of the witnesses speaking at the Leveson Inquiry, I’ve got to say I’m a bit bewildered by the culture of News International.

 Is it possible that journalists started work full of visions of bringing full public attention (and possibly the full weight of the law) on to individuals, companies – possibly countries – who believed they had got away with behaving badly, illegally and possibly immorally, but then somewhere along the way they began stalking actors, threatening the family members of those in the public eye and listening to the most private and intimate telephone conversations of those who might be of use to them ? 

I naively believe that no matter what you do for a living, you have a basic core of integrity, values and principles that cannot be eroded – no matter how much your boss yells. You understand what is and is not acceptable human behaviour and you try to walk that path both personally and professionally.

Witnesses giving evidence to the Inquiry lead me to imagine a group of people leaving their values at the door as they entered their offices every day, and then (hopefully) picking them up when they left at the end of the day. But values and principles are about who we are, not who we would like to be or think we should be. They give clarity and focus and help us get results in those areas that are truly most important to us.

Values act as our compass so that day after day, we’re moving in the direction that takes us closer and closer to our definition of the ‘best’ life we could possibly live.

If your employer expects you to behave with complete disregard to the feelings of others, in order to make money – recession or not – you need to start job hunting (and possibly hire a coach to support you); if you willingly choose to behave in this way …….. I am honestly speechless (and that doesn’t happen often !)

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