Coaching Blog 24: Street Wise vs Clever

‘I’d much rather be streetwise than know the capital of Rome’.

I’m assuming that like a lot of people, you laughed when (if) you read that quote from Chantelle Houghton – ‘celebrity’ and soon to be mother of Alex Reid’s child (that’s Alex Reid, 2010 Celebrity Big Brother Winner and cage-fighting ex-husband of Jordan ………. yes, I really shouldn’t know that should I ?)

Unfortunately, now that I’m looking for a High School place for my youngest, I no longer find it funny. When insomnia strikes, I lie awake wondering what Ms Houghton; Mr Reid; Frankie Cocozza; Amy Childs and the rest of the TOWIE ‘cast’; Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan actually contribute to the world.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not expecting any of them to discover a cure for cancer; develop a well-being programme that makes a positive contribution to our mental health ……. or even write a book without assistance. I just would like them to say something publicly that I wouldn’t mind either of my children, or their friends, repeating.

The ability to look good in (or out of) clothes and an absence of any inhibitions that would stop you from being filmed whilst having sex as a way of making money. seem like pretty poor reasons to exist in the public eye.

But then, what do you replace that with ? We don’t actually teach values to our children – we kind of expect them to absorb them without thought and then are horrified when slogans such as ‘get rich or die tryin’ are viewed as acceptable.

I rarely ‘sell’ what I do in my blog, but actually, I’m really glad that I coach for a living. I get to spend time with people who want to identify and get back to their core values and lead productive positive lives as a consequence. Yes, earning money is great (personally, I could do with loads and loads of it at the moment) but surely it can’t be the only goal in life ? Otherwise we will end up in a world of pretty, well-dressed people who will do ‘anything for the limelight’ ……. if the price is right.





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