Coaching Blog 25: Sometimes asking ‘Why ?’ Is OK

Years ago when I was still living with my parents, the local TV news had (yet another item) about the uselessness of local authority maintenance departments.


This time, the guys from Direct Works had removed the roofs from about 5 privately-owned houses on the opposite side of the road to the ones owned by the council.

As if that wasn’t enough, on recognising their error, they were refusing to put on new slates – they weren’t council houses, after all – and had put tarpaulin over instead.

The thing I most remember about the whole event, was when the local reporter asked one of the owner-occupiers why she had let the council workmen remove all of her roof tiles, when this was her house. She replied:

‘Well, he had a computer print-out.’

I thought this was hysterical – to have concerns, to wonder what was going on, to not ask ‘Why are you doing that ?’ and yet be swayed by a neatly printed order.

But then actually, how many times do we suppress a question or a concern and allow ourselves to be swayed by – let’s be honest – nonsense spouted by someone in a suit, carrying a file or looking far more confident than we feel ?

Let’s get a grip people, today’s discomfort is nothing compared to the snorting and hysterical laughter of a child watching your foolishness on the local news ………. and then sharing it with a whole heap of strangers years later.



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