Coaching Blog 28: Tired of Being Tired ?

When my youngest child was about 7, she would spend hours dancing and singing along to High School Musical 2 – and when I say dancing and singing, I mean complicated steps that seem to have been choreographed by Savion Glover, Fred Astaire, Rudolf Nureyev AND Ashley Banjo in an attempt to cripple a small child.

She would belt out the words to every single song they sang (and for someone watching this film over and over, it felt like there were hundreds of them) without losing any enthusiasm. She exuded a level of sheer joy and love for the film, even with its ridiculous premise (but got to be said, fantastic shoe and handbag combos from Sharpay – like I said, I’d sat through a few viewings) that would suck adults into seeing the world as a beautiful, happy, smiley place.

I was reminded of this almost stupid level of joy this weekend, as my mother came for a short visit. My mother has a knack of, what I describe as ‘worrying in advance.’ You know, finding fault and concern with everything; as if she thinks she will not have the time later to criticise something, so must fully express concern, doubt and negative thoughts before she forgets.

One of the things she says is ‘I’m tired of being tired’; or ‘I’m fed up of being fed up.’

Thinking back to my daughter’s one time love affair with unfeasibly upbeat Disney films, I suddenly thought ‘wouldn’t it be great to love something like that – Jack Daniels and my husband excepted – to just wallow in the sheer love of something and literally sing along because you love it sooo much ?’ And that’s when I decided to be excited by being excited; happy with being happy; and every other double positive I could think of that would lift me when I’m feeling swamped and tired.

Why don’t you give it a go ? Think of an emotion that you want more of and just double it up in a sentence and tell yourself that’s what you feel. (Psychology tells us the body will follow what the brain thinks.) I thought of phoning my Mum to share this new tactic for enjoying what you’ve got with her, but come on ……. this is real life not a Disney film.



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One Response to Coaching Blog 28: Tired of Being Tired ?

  1. Denise Campbell says:

    Would be so good to be like that. I definitely need to be more like my nieces

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