Coaching Blog 7: Diets Don’t Work


The annual planning for Bikini Season is firmly with us – those difficult weeks when magazines and newspapers advise all women to ‘shape up for Summer.’


If diets worked this annual ritual would not exist – we would all buy one diet book, stick to the principles and regime it advised and remain at our ideal weight.


Instead, every year women are given idealised and stylised images of the ‘ideal’ shape – honestly, how many times have you met a woman who looked as good as any one of the models in a magazine ? Once, maybe twice every couple of months ?


The majority of women have stomachs, backsides and thighs. They’ve had children, are pregnant, exercise or are just ‘ordinary’ – which means they aren’t stick insect thin.


I like Paul McKenna’s underlying philosophy:

  • eat when you’re hungry
  • stop when you feel full
  • pay attention to what you want to eat
  • enjoy what you eat.


Basically, listen to and trust your body – don’t ‘punish’ yourself when you eat more than you should. Analyse why you did it, did you even realise you were full when you carried on eating ? When do you overeat and more importantly why ?


It’s amazing that we don’t really give ourselves the time we need to assess what’s going on in our heads and what we’re then putting into our stomachs in response.



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